Finding the Top Agents SHould Not Be DIfficult

We believe that finding the best Real Estate agent should not be a difficult process. We are committed to helping our customers find only the best agents for their needs. Home Buyers and Sellers have varying needs. The right agent should not be a "one shoe fits all" proposition.

The Process

In the past, finding a Top Real Estate agent meant wading through confusing lists and identical glossy advertisements.There was a time when finding a real estate agent meant whaling int o your local calling the local real estate office and speaking with the "agent on duty". You may not have known that that was one of the least experienced agents in the office. You could contact your local office and wait for some agent to call you back. Then there were glossy ads that all looked the same.

Suncastle allows you to be in charge of your real estate journey. We send you information and profiles on multiple top agents in your area. These are experts in your neighborhood who have proven themselves. Then you can evaluate them according to your needs.

What Makes Agents "The Best"?

Vast Resources - Some Agents have teams and have members who have specific tasks like showing homes or negotiating contracts. Also, they have access to best title companies, lenders, inspection companies and much more.

Better Service - Some Agents are simply more knowledgeable and more efficient than others. Suncastle allows you te get advice from trusted and verified Agents. They can help you negotiate the best terms and help you close with the least amount of hassle and on your terms.

By-Invitation Only

Ours is a by-invitation only network and they cannot buy their way in. They are picked from the area's leading national brokerages and specialty boutique agencies. Each Agent goes through our evaluation process. They have a proven track record of success. Most have multiple credentials and awards. Once there is a successful transaction, they pay us a fee. Until then we don't earn anything. This means that we have to work with ONLY the  creates an best Real Estate Agents. We get paid only after the Agent gets paid.

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